On the Issues

Protecting Our Community

Responsible Gun Ownership

Like many Americans, Dr. Bera is extremely alarmed by the rise in gun violence in our country. That is why in Congress he has been a strong proponent for commonsense gun laws and responsible gun ownership. This means conducting background checks on all gun purchases to ensure those with a history of domestic violence or mental illness are unable to purchase a gun, closing the gun show loophole that lets anyone purchase a gun, eliminating bump stocks which have been used in countless mass-shootings, and finally allowing the Center for Disease Control to perform basic research that can provide crucial data for preventing future gun violence.

Community Policing

Dr. Bera understands the importance of encouraging our police force to become members of the community. Our officers are able to do their best work and protect the people in the community if they are seen as part of it, rather than seen as the enemy. That is why Dr. Bera is a strong supporter of community policing and movements that bring our police force and our community together.