Dr. Ami Bera

On the Issues

Where I Stand

Moving America Forward

The world is changing. We need to come together to move forward as a nation without forsaking the core values that have always made America great. I am running for Congress because I believe the moment is right to bring new energy to the American story, with the faith that together we can establish a more just, compassionate, and healthy world.

With the right leadership and a collective effort, we can create:

Energy and the Environment

Central to our national mission is the mandate to build for future generations. We now know, however, that many of our present patterns of development and growth are both economically and environmentally unsustainable. That's why Dr. Bera believes the long term health, security and prosperity of our nation and world require a transition in how we think about our relationship to energy use and natural ecosystems.

Health Care

Dr. Bera has spent his professional life caring for people and educating the next generation of doctors. Unfortunately, the system consistently puts bureaucracies before the health of our patients. Dr. Bera has witnessed medical costs skyrocket without seeing patient care improve. And Dr. Bera has treated patients who would be healthier if they could have afforded basic preventive care. This is the result of an industry that puts profits before patients.

Jobs and the Economy

Dr. Bera is committed to an Economy that encourages competition and innovation. We need a vibrant economy that preserves the jobs we have while creating new ones through job training, especially in clean energy technologies. We can build on the strengths of our local communities by helping small businesses grow and rewarding companies that create good jobs here in Sacramento County.

Medicare and Social Security

Dr. Bera believes that Medicare and Social Security are guaranteed promises and the key to a dignified retirement. As a doctor known for making house calls, he knows firsthand how critical protecting Medicare is for seniors.

National Security

Dr. Bera believes we must be tough and smart not only about challenges we face today, such as securing our borders and fighting terrorism, but also about the emerging threat of nuclear proliferation.

Protecting Our Community

Like many Americans, Dr. Bera is extremely alarmed by the rise in gun violence in our country. That is why in Congress he has been a strong proponent for commonsense gun laws and responsible gun ownership. This means conducting background checks on all gun purchases to ensure those with a history of domestic violence or mental illness are unable to purchase a gun, closing the gun show loophole that lets anyone purchase a gun, eliminating bump-stocks that have been used in countless mass-shootings, and finally allowing the Center for Disease Control to perform basic research that can provide crucial data for preventing future gun violence.


Dr. Bera believes that the mistreatment of veterans is a national tragedy, not to mention immoral and un-American. In Washington, Dr. Bera has worked across party lines to get more medical staff into the VA system so that no veteran has to wait for months on end for the care they need.

Women’s Equality

Dr. Bera believes that women’s equality, equal pay for equal work, and access to health care are fundamental rights. As a physician, Bera understands that a woman’s decisions about her health care should be between her and her doctor and that it is wrong for politicians to threaten women’s healthcare to score political points. He was named Planned Parenthood’s 2015 National Women’s Health Champion for his vision, leadership, and integrity in advancing women’s reproductive care.