On the Issues

Medicare and Social Security

Dr. Bera believes that Medicare and Social Security are guaranteed promises and the key to a dignified retirement. As a doctor known for making house calls, he knows firsthand how critical protecting Medicare is for seniors.

Since we sent him to Washington, Dr. Bera has stood up to efforts to privatize Social Security, because he knows that after a lifetime of work and service to our community, we owe it to hardworking men and women to fulfill that promise. It’s who we are as Americans.

Dr. Bera has treated hundreds of patients who depend on Medicare and Medicaid and knows that these two programs save lives. He’s stood up to those who want to privatize Medicare and is working across party lines to reduce waste, abuse, and fraud in Medicare to strengthen and protect it for future generations.

How Dr. Bera is Fighting for Medicare and Social Security

  • Helped lead the push to fix the broken Medicare payment system and preserve access to doctors for seniors
  • Stood up to prevent a 52% spike in Medicare premiums
  • Fought to prevent cuts in Medicare Advantage and protect seniors from increases in costs
  • Voted to protect the disability insurance program from devastating cuts next year and extend its solvency

Protecting Medicare for Future Generations

Estimates show that the amount of fraud and abuse in Medicare exceeds $60 billion annually. Dr. Bera believes that through careful monitoring and aggressive enforcement we can save billions of dollars. Dr. Bera is fighting to close these loopholes, catch these criminals and direct these resources to lower premiums and better care.