On the Issues


Dr. Bera believes that the mistreatment of veterans is a national tragedy, not to mention immoral and un-American. In Washington, Dr. Bera has worked across party lines to get more medical staff into the VA system so that no veteran has to wait for months on end for the care they need.

As a doctor who has cared for veterans in VA hospitals, Dr. Bera is fighting for the thousands of veterans in our community who have defended our nation. His office has helped hundreds of veterans in Sacramento County work through the backlog and complicated bureaucracy to return thousands of dollars in earned benefits, and the medical care they deserve.

Bera For Congress

"First Call"

Dr. Bera has a record of fighting on behalf of our men and women in uniform:

  • Bera voted for a pay raise for the men and women who serve our country.
  • As the Co-Chair of the No Labels Problem Solvers Caucus, Dr. Bera helped introduce the 21st Century Health Care for Heroes Act, which is now law, to implement a user friendly, electronic record system for service members and veterans to streamline their access to health records.
  • Representative Bera introduced legislation to reform intake and management for patients at VA hospitals after the preventable death of a Vietnam veteran at Mather VA Hospital in Sacramento County. Dr. Bera also called for the federal investigation into the tragedy.
  • Helping hundreds get the earned benefits and medical care they’ve earned.