On the Issues

National Security

Dr. Bera believes we must be tough and smart not only about challenges we face today, such as securing our borders and fighting terrorism, but also about the emerging threat of nuclear proliferation. That is why as Vice Ranking member of the House Foreign Affairs committee, Dr. Bera continues to maintain critical relationships with foreign allies around the globe to ensure we don’t rush into a war as a result of careless decision making or fringed relationships. If we keep our country strong with sensible policies that foster energy independence and economic competitiveness, we will be better positioned to confront our national security challenges.

Immigration: Comprehensive Reform to Fix a Broken System

As a first generation American who is a proud product of the American Dream, Dr. Bera finds Donald Trump’s immigration agenda extremely dangerous. Trump has said that many Mexican immigrants are rapists and killers and he wants to charge taxpayers to build a wall between the United States and Mexico. These discriminatory and bigoted attacks, both here at home and abroad, have been carried out with the sole purpose of dividing our country and destroying the melting pot of diversity and opportunity that is the American way. Dr. Bera knows that we need immigration policy that makes our country safe and our economy strong. That means we should both strengthen our borders and encourage the best and brightest who study in the U.S. to stay, work here, and create their companies here. Dr. Bera has been proud to support comprehensive immigration reform that secures our borders, addresses the 12 million undocumented immigrants living in the United States, and adds billions of dollars to our economy.Dr. Bera believes that the gridlock in Washington has continually gotten in the way of mending our broken immigration system and will continue to work across party lines to pass meaningful reform.

Terrorism: Secure America and Defeat Terrorist Organizations

Dismantling terrorist cells and training facilities and stopping terrorism before it starts is critical to America’s National Security. To defeat global terror networks and prevent new ones from arising, we must take a multilateral cooperative approach. That means we must utilize targeted airstrikes when necessary, dismantle their finances, and ensure our partners in the region do their part. But, we must also do a much better job of stopping and countering vicious propaganda campaign that urges attacks on innocent people by combating their use of the internet and social media to recruit new fighters.

Economic Competitiveness: A stronger, more sustainable economy is critical for national security

A vibrant American economy means more effective American leadership in an increasingly competitive global marketplace. It also translates into stronger relationships with allies and trading partners and greater capacity to address emerging conflicts. We must re-tool our economy for the twenty-first century by reinvesting in R&D, renewable energy, public education, workforce training, job creation, and enhanced access to capital for small businesses. California and the Sacramento region are poised to lead the effort to ensure our continued competitiveness.

Energy Independence: Central to national security and economic prosperity

A reliance on foreign oil helps fund the same extremists our military is fighting. Dr. Bera knows that there is not enough oil in the United States to drill our way out of this dependence on foreign oil. Dr. Bera believes that transitioning to renewable energy will both create jobs and enhance our national security.

Homeland Security: Vigorously protect the United States from terrorism and natural disasters.

Dr. Bera believes that we must ensure that our intelligence and law enforcement agents have the resources they need to keep us safe from terrorism. American security also means protecting ourselves during natural disasters, such as floods and wild fires. We must continue to engage all levels of government and the private sector in our efforts to prepare for, respond to, and recover from all threats against our citizens.

Nuclear Non-Proliferation:

Dr. Bera believes that American security is best served in a world free of nuclear weapons, a bipartisan goal supported by both Presidents Reagan and Obama. The United States must use its intelligence, military capabilities, and work with our partners around the world to control the spread of nuclear weapons and technology so that such weapons stay out of the hands of terrorist organizations and aggressor states. As long as nuclear weapons remain a reality, the United States will maintain a powerful nuclear deterrent to protect our allies and to discourage other countries from nuclear armament.